How to download Facial Foundry videos


Facial Foundry Downloader - How to Download Video from Facial Foundry on Mac/Win

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How to Download Facial Foundry videos?

Many of us would like to download videos from Facial Foundry for playback offline. Here is an article of downloading videos from such a website. In the article, 3 methods are provided, and all of the methods could be extend to other video sharing websites.
  Part 1: Best way to download Facial Foundry videos
  Part 2: Record Facial Foundry videos with Video Capture Plugin
  Part 3: Bulk or batch download Facial Foundry videos (for 600+ supported sites)



Part 1: Best way to download Facial Foundry videos


Step 1

Make Preparation: Free download Facial Foundry Downloader

  Free download the best Facial Foundry Downloader- GetFLV( for Windows , for Mac) , install and then launch it, the following interface will pop up.
How to download videos from Facial Foundry

Step 2

Play Facial Foundry video and capture it's URL

  Launch GetFLV and navigate to website. Play the video stream you want to download. GetFLV will detect the video URL automatically and show it in the "URL list". Select the right URL in the URL list section and click "Download" button to create a download task. It appears like this:
How to download videos from Facial Foundry  

Step 3

Download Facial Foundry videos

  In "FLV Downloader" window, you can monitor the process of the download. GetFLV can download your video at up to 10x normal download speeds. You can watch your video while it's still downloading through GetFLV's built-in player. For the stopped tasks, you can also resume them. It appears like this:
How to download videos from Facial Foundry

Part 2: Record Facial Foundry videos with Video Capture Plugin

Video Capture can capture any video with audio from any website by recording directly from your PC screen. It's powerful and magic. The following is step-by-step guide:

Step 1

Lanuch Facial Foundry "Video Capture"

Switch to "Video Capture" window and click "New Record" button to start a new capture task.

Step 2

Navigate to website

A new browser window will be opened. It will load a blank webpage automatically. Please enter the url of your Facial Foundry video which you want to capture. It appears like this:

Step 3

Capture Setting

Please pause your video if it plays automatically. (1) A "Transparent Window" will be shown over the video area (see below). You can resize or move this window to fine tune the recording area. (2) A "Setting Window" will also be popup (see below). You can change "Task Name ", "Capture Duration", "Video Format" and "Video Quality". Click "Next" button when you finish your settings.


(1). Manually show setting window: Please click "Camera" button to popup "Transparent Window" and "Setting Window" if they are not popped up automatically.

(2). Set capture duration: Please find the total duration of your playing video and set suitable "capture duration" you need. Capture task will auto stop when the record time reach to your "capture duration".

(3). Choose video quality: Video Capture will automatically choose a video quality for you. You could choose high quality if you want save HD videos.

(4). Buffering video: If your net speed is slow or inconsistent, you can try to pause the video for a while before capturing it.

Step 4

Record Video

Setting window will switch to new frame (see below). You have two ways to start your capture task: (1) "Play/resume" your video and click "Record Now " button. (2) Wait the countdown timer, "Play/resume" your video just before the timer is finished. "Special Attention": You must "play/resume" your video before countdown timer is finished or clicking "Record Now" button.

Step 5

Preview Capture Task

The capture browser window will be hidden when the capture task starts. All capture work will magically run all in background (no image and no sound). A capture task will be added. You can see the thumbnail, process, recorded filesize and elapsed time of a task. The audio of capture browser is muted. You can hear a task's sound when you select it.
Step 6 Finish Capture Task
Capture will be stopped automatically and video will be saved to your hard drive when the record time reaches to the "Capture Duration". You can also click "Stop&Save" button to stop one capture task at any time. The captured video file will be found from "Finished Tasks" frame. It appears like this:
Please try other powerful methods of GetFLV to download your video if above instruction can't help you. Get more detailed Step-by-Step User Guides.

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